Mastic Asphalting

We provide flexibility on our Mastic Asphalt collection, which is primarily a homogeneous mixture of finely graded material and bitumen in correct composition. This mixture helps to produce the best grade of plastic and compact mass which gives thick surfacing when floated & troweled.

The high straining resistance of the matrix in the components helps to provide the material with great mechanical strength. As per the job requirements, the thickness of this material can be reduced from 20-50 mm to 12-15 mm.

The core attributes of the Mastic Asphalt are:

Bleed prevention
Resistant to deformation
Self-healing vibration & shock absorbing
Fully impermeable

Mastic Asphalt Roads: Roads constructed using this superior quality mastic asphalt have key advantages over conventional roads:

Upgrading: Road built using mastic asphalt is improved providing fine finishing

Beautification: This material allows to beautify roads for a longer period of time

Economy: Low maintenance and time savings


High abrasion resistance: This material has a thick layer that is resistant to abrasion

Total imperviousness: Does not allow water to peep in

Self-filling property: The higher the traffic, the better it performs

Easy maintenance: Low maintenance and patchwork costs after every 10 years helps to achieve long-lasting performance.

In addition, the Road Transport & Highways Ministry has given guidelines for using this mastic asphalt for roads and bridge works as per their requirements. The account released by the Indian Road Congress outlines those requirements.

According to this, the bitumen used in 10/20 asphalt (binder) mastic treatment is as per IS:702. It also offers longer functional life and has a stronger softening level at 70 ° & 85 °. Its penetration value 15± 5 depends on the different climatic conditions.

Furthermore, the high quality bitumen grade 30/40 is best suited for temperature changes.

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