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A service related to our core business of crash barriers is thermoplastic road marking. This refers to any kind of material used on a road surface to provide official information to the driving public. They can also be applied in all those areas where vehicles are parked to demarcate parking spaces or areas for other uses.

We undertake thermoplastic road marking projects, whatever its size, shape or form. We can help you achieve any size of project, using our state-of-the-art technology and our team of innovative minds. We offer temporary and permanent road markings and other additional services.

Uses for thermoplastic road markings
  • They control and guide traffic
  • They are psychological barriers that demarcate the traffic path
  • They route pedestrians’ movement into safe zones
  • They provide the necessary road information to drivers without taking their attention away from the carriageway.
  • These and many other factors make thermoplastic road markings absolutely necessary for road safety and a disciplined flow of traffic.

Thermoplastic Road Marking paints are applied on to lined roadways to guide and inform drivers and pedestrians. This will inculcate the habit of safe driving and safety for pedestrians using roads. These road marking paints can also be indicative for stopping and parking. Another aspect of applying road markings is to standardize them so that their meaning is known to everyone everywhere.

They are also used on carriageways to mark state and national highways and other roads and private roads. In factories and workshops too, safety areas, forklifts and truck routes are demarcated by these markings.

Car parking slots can also be demarcated easily with these prominent markings. In order to reduce the chance of skidding and heighten visibility, thermoplastic road marking contractors lay pedestrian crossings on large arterial roads and small and narrow lanes too.

Resins and premix glass beads go to make up the body of thermoplastic materials. They are applied at extreme temperatures of about 200°C for optimal performance.

Features and Benefits:

Colour does not fade.
Night time visibility is enhanced with retro reflective glass beads.
Fast application allows and using quickly drying ingredients frees up work areas faster.
Long lasting with superb performance.
Aesthetically pleasing.

Why you too should choose thermoplastic materials:

Thermoplastic road markings extend road safety benefits since they are highly reflective. This enables us to see better at night or in poor weather conditions. By laying them thicker and in layers of paint, rumble strips are created. These strips give drivers the necessary physical feedback they need as vibrations with a rumbling noise. Drivers become aware of any upcoming danger which can prevent them from unnecessary accidents.

Highly resilient

They do not fade or weather under extreme temperatures, proving that they can be used in all kinds of temperature and terrain. For instance, they can be used in quiet lanes and busy roads.


Thermoplastic materials are highly durable. This increases the road’s lifespan, which is an added advantage as it means low maintenance. They can also be used on any kind or road surface. Neither do they fade nor do they degrade with time, thereby reducing the need for replacement or regular maintenance.

High visibility

The material contains glass beads and a pigment which together give the thermoplastic material its trademark retro-reflective nature and brightness. Due to this, thermoplastic markings can be spotted easily at night and during periods of bad weather and low visibility.

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