Membrane Waterproofing

Because of flow and leakage, structural deterioration is a major problem that is prevalent worldwide. Humidity in houses caused by moisture entering through its materials not only shortens its lifespan, but also produces occupants with unhygienic conditions.

Basement waterproofing solution:

We provide basement with quality waterproofing facilities that are used to prevent leakage and breakage in the basement of houses and buildings. To meet the high quality standards, we use the highest quality basic material in the services offered. These services are available for our customers at the most reasonable prices.

Roof water proofing solution:

We offer waterproofing and membranes of the highest quality. One of the best solutions for wall and roof leakage and filtration is our waterproof systems. These membranes are manufactured using the latest process technology by our reputable vendors and provide a zero-infiltration system.

Terracotta Tiles Waterproofing Solutions:

We offer a wide range of terracotta tiles that are widely used in terracotta architecture for roofing, ceiling and flooring. Our range is made from two local clays such as Nada, a rough black clay with a high sand grog and Alu, a finer gray clay used for throwing.

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