Mastic Flooring

Mastic flooring is commonly used on vertical areas and walls in acid-proof padding. Mastic floorings completely eliminate mesh reinforcement for lining purposes by providing a hard wearing and durable surface. Mastic Flooring, which is commonly used in commercial asphalt base floors, is known for its high chemical resistance.

  • Heavy mast protects against the effects of deicing salt for concrete bridges and protection against corrosion for steel bridges.
  • Heavy mast provides a hard wearing surface integrity that is maintained over a longer period as compared to an asphalt surface.
  • Heavy mast does not software at high temperature nor does it become brittle at low temperature.
  • Heavy mast is impermeable to water penetration.
  • Heady mast is resilient and does not crack under high and sudden impact.
  • Heavy mast possesses a self-healing nature and suffers no permanent deformation.
  • Heavy mast need not be compacted because of the absence of voids in composition.
  • Heavy mast provides an even and smooth riding surface.
  • Heavy mast has long life compared to conventional systems and hence provides economical protection over the life of structure.
  • Heavy mast regains monolithic texture even and repairs engineering data.

We can do mastic flooring that meets all the requirements needed for the surface that has been suggested.

We conduct mastic floors in the following categories:

LPG Godown
Toll Plaza

We have professional staff to perform the job with the requisite quality for any other type of area.

Industrial Road Mastic Flooring Services: We give our clients Industrial Mastic Flooring Products that are impermeable, robust and deformation prone. Our bitumen mastic is a homogeneous mortar, a combination of high quality bitumen, mineral fillers and fine aggregates. The strength is such that at a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius (Industrial Mastic) it behaves like extremely viscous fluid, but it becomes difficult to cool down.

LPG Godown Mastic Flooring Service: We are committed to providing an excellent quality LPG Godown Mastic Flooring Service due to our enriched industrial experience. Our skilled professionals use maximum grade equipment and high-end technologies to perform the service offered. We have a team of experienced professionals with excellent performance in this company. The customers admire this service for its perfect performance and promptness. Therefore, our precious customers will make use of this service at a reasonable price.

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